Never Miss a Shot

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Just seen what my neighbor put on FB yesterday:

"God I so wish I could go back to the 80s. Our music was the best. Not like the jibber jabber they play these days. Yes I know I sound old."

Get your fucking music elitism out of my face. Just because you don’t like the modern “jibber jabber” doesn’t give you an excuse to insult it. There’s such a wide range of modern music that you can’t tar it all with the same brush. Music helps save people, whether you like it or not, and music is important to people. Don’t fucking slate it, especially because you’re mentally ill (she has depression). If anything, you should understand how some of those people feel.


It’s that visit from the Duke of Savoy isn’t it? Stirs up bad memories.

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Imagine a miniature version of your icon riding around in your pocket and giving you good advice.

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