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Ridiculous things this stupid show has had me doing in the very recent past:

- Following the fortunes of a football team in the 2014 World Cup based on the (alleged) preferences of a horse (granted, I’d probably have been keeping an eye on how Uruguay were doing because of Luis Suárez being a Liverpool player, but this particular insanity had me caring how they would do).

- Engaging in pretending, by agreed if unstated consensus, that a horse was locked in rivalry with an actor over how their respective teams would do

- Pretending to believe that a prop horse head was the real horse

- Pretending to believe the prop horse head was the real horse really watching the football in a trailer

- Pretending to believe the horse had an actual Twitter account of his own and was writing all his own entries

Look, if I was six years old and exhibited this behaviour, developmental psychologists would be telling parents and teachers to make sure that kids know the difference between fantasy and reality and how the real world works.

Richard Dawkins (who seems to possess even less of a sense of humour than a plank of wood) would put me on a remedial course of reading to make sure I knew what was and was not plausible in real life.

I’m considerably older than six.  Considerably.  Yet here I am, gravely pretending to believe in talking and Twittering horses.

Bloody BBC with the bloody Musketeers and their bloody updated take on the characters. Especially bloody Athos and bloody damn Tom Burke and his stupid face and stupid acting skills.

You will never convince me that Roger The Horse (is anyone else getting Captain Pugwash “Roger the Cabin Boy” flashbacks??) wasn’t doing his own tweeting.

And will one day rule France with Tom as his queen.


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Henry VII’s reputation as a miserly king became markedly worse after the death of Queen. They, by all accounts, had a deep mutual affection and respect. Elizabeth had given him the family he sorely lacked in his own childhood, she was beautiful and beloved by not only her husband and children, but by all of her peers and subjects…. It is plain he loved her. Henry was an indulgent husband. His frequent gifts to his wife were not all practical, one was a lion “for the Queen’s Grace,” costing £2.13s.4d. [£1,300], no doubt sent straight to the royal menagerie in the Tower, but rather a fun gift.
He gave way to her when she insisted, as the Spanish ambassador reported: “Gave the Queen two letters from them, and two letters from the Princess of Wales. The King had a dispute with the Queen because he wanted to have one of the said letters to carry continually about him, but the Queen did not like to part with hers, having sent the other to the Prince of Wales.

-  Elizabeth of York and her Kings by Olga Hughes (2013)

#SWEET BABY JESUS HOW CAN PEOPLE EVEN HAVE DOUBT ABOUT HENRY’S LOVE FOR HER?!!! #i don’t believe in love at first sight it probably took a lot of time but they grew fond of each other #and we can discuss Elizabeth’s feelings if you want (since we know less about her) #BUT HIm!!! he loved her so much!! he gave way to her when she insisted #if an ambassador was spectator of such thing for a simple letter can you imagine what he gave way when they were alone?!! #do i have to talk about this banquet where he gave her the most honorific seat showing his esteem for her? #or how they hated being apart from each other? or how they respected each other? or how she was allowed to visit the Tower  ALONE #(clearly a mark of trust just sayin’) #or the fact that there was no hint of scandal or even rumors during their marriage contrarily to others #*he died of a broken heart* HE NEVER RE-MARRIED!! for a man as pragmatical and in need of money #it could have been SO beneficial for him (with alliances and to secure even more his dynasty with a new heir from a new wife) #BUT NO! HE DIDN’T REMARRY! during six long years he stayed alone and died a widower #he had opportunities and sent ambassadors BUT IN VAIN! #and why? OH MAYBE BECAUSE HE DIDN’T WANT TO? MAYBE HE HAD A DEEP DEVOTION AND LOVE FOR HIS WIFE?!!! #((i am so tired by some posts i see around is2g…))

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